Golden Dragon’s Lair Intro to Slots: Hold ‘n’ Win

Prepare your swords and sandals, adventurers, because we are about to face up against the most formidable monsters in the history of any mythology: dragons. This time, the reptilian creatures provide a touch of majesty to iSoftBet’s otherwise hectic selection of Hold&Win slots. Dragonfire Chamber of Gold is the name of the game in question, and it does some neat things with wild symbols and has a streak respin bonus round.

There were two possible outcomes for Dragonfire Chamber of Gold. It’s part of iSoftBet’s Hold&Win lineup, but it would have fit better in the studio’s Twisted Tales series if it had included some of the same characters. Dragonfire, on the other hand, features exclusively player-created characters; as a result, the game’s heroes and villains all appear somewhat basic and amateurish. Not in any negative sense, either; Dragonfire is one of the better Hold&Win positions. It has some interesting themes, great visuals, and an inspiring, occasionally eerie music.

The action takes place on a 55 game panel with 50 paylines (ways to win) for getting 35 identical symbols across. It achieves this in a highly risky fashion by dividing the action between a wild-studded base game and a bonus round in which dragon eggs represent money. Players may equip themselves with wagers ranging from 25 cents to £/€25 every spin, and the dungeon questing is accessible from any mobile device.

The paytable reveals a total of 10 symbols, 4 of which are low-paying royals and 6 of which are high-value characters. Payouts for five of a type range from 2x to 4x the wager in the low pays, and from 6x to 40x the wager in the diversified character list. Wilds are used extensively throughout Dragonfire’s exciting sequences, with the primary purpose of substituting for regular pay symbols to help construct winning lines. Everything else that wilds can do will be discussed after this.

Slot Features of Dragon’s Hold ‘n Win Chamber of Gold

Dragonfire Chamber of Gold’s wild emblems have several purposes. Around these parts, folks call them “Splitting Wilds.” The reason for this is when a wild symbol strikes, it divides in half, and a respin is awarded. One copy of the wild is moved to the left by one reel for the respin, while the other is moved to the right by one reel. If a win happens during the respin, all contributing wilds will shift to a neighboring reel, awarding another respin. When a Wild expands to a new reel, the win multiplier it brings with it might rise by 1. A re-spin is also granted if a wild appears on reels 2 and 4. The original wilds have been relocated to reels 1 and 5, and reel 3 will be entirely wild for this respin.

Spinning Again

The dragon egg scatter is a crucial sign in Dragonfire, Chamber of Gold. If you get 5 of these icons while playing the main game, you’ll enter the Hold&Win bonus. Three free spins are granted when the initial scatter symbols get fixed in place. Bonus rounds are played on a special screen without any of the usual symbols. Now, the number of spins will reset to three regardless of how many additional dragon eggs drop during the bonus round. One of the gates close to the grid will open if dragon eggs appear for three consecutive spins. When the right-hand gate is opened, any dragon eggs with winning values in view are collected, and the reels are cleared of dragon eggs. It opens up more room for bringing in fresh ones.

Three multiplier frames are added to the grid if the left gate is allowed to open. If an egg or a multiplier frame arrives in a multiplier frame, the egg’s value is multiplied by the multiplier’s current value. Once a frame has been used to increase a payout, it is taken off the reels. Each spin increases the multiplier for any frames still on the reels by 1, up to the point when they’re used to boost the value of a scatter symbol.

Additional Purchase Bonus

If the Bonus Buy button is available, the player can pay 100x the wager to activate a respin bonus round, or 250x the bet to activate a free spins bonus round with active multiplier frames.

Dragon’s Hold ‘n Win Gold Chamber Slot Review and Verdict

Two recurring themes in iSoftBet’s releases are dragons and Hold&Win bonuses. It’s only natural that the two will eventually collide with one other. With the exception of slots like Dragon Stone, iSoftBet typically places their dragons in an Asian context, so seeing one in a fantasy game is a welcome change of pace. iSoftBet has done a great job with the game’s overall concept. The visuals are solid, the music is almost ethereal, and the game flows well between the main lobby and the bonus dungeon. In a nutshell, fantasy gamers won’t be disappointed.

When compared to other Hold&Win slots, Dragonfire’s extras hold their own. In particular, the base game, where the wild respins that divide, walk, and multiply are present to shake things up. Finding such a robust secondary feature in a Hold&Win game was a pleasant surprise. Typically, such features are less developed and include of things like random wilds or a one-time win multiplier. Perhaps we’re overestimating the usefulness of the respin function, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Hold&Win bonus round, on the other hand, is more or less standard fare with a few bonuses thrown in. The supplements aren’t part of any groundbreaking streak respin movement, but they are interesting to hold and win specialists. It was amusing to watch how often the multiplier frames persistently relocated to empty locations during the playtime, despite the fact that they are a rapid method to increase win values in many games. In certain cases, but not all. Just a thought, but they could come in handy once in a while.

It would be great if iSoftBet could take all the knowledge they’ve gathered from developing different types of games and apply it to creating a single, massive Hold&Win game. They produce playable but ultimately forgettable Hold&Win-style slot machines, and it appears that they are pleased with this strategy for the time being.

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